Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Interesting Reading

Indiana Code

I've been doing some leisurely pleasure reading. The way I read these codes they represent justice.

For example, a Level 4 Felony carries an advisory sentence of 6 years in prison and allows for the possibility of adding another 6 years or subtracting up to 4 years. This makes the range from 2 to 12 years with a maximum fine of $10,000.00.

There's interesting reading on the topic of restitution as well. This is scary. Man, I thought my situation was a scary place to land. I sure am glad I'm not a criminal. I was even 100% accurate in reporting my income to the IRS my whole career.

Karma is real folks. Honesty and integrity matter. It shouldn't be just about money should it? :)

Friday, June 17, 2022

My life today. Summer 2022.

 June 2022.

This is me and my girlfriend Debra Neal.
The universe sent me this woman as a gift.
She's awesome and proof Karma is real.

This is my Therapeutic Massage Therapist Katie.
She has been a blessing in my life for decades.

This is my attorney Samantha Huettner.
She is diligently working to recover my business assets.
She is the best attorney I've ever met and I've known a lot.

This is my physician Richard Schuster, DO
I have VA healthcare but I see Dr Schuster once
a month. He coaches me on all of my health decisions.

This is me and my Yoga Nurse Karen Thompson.
I am so grateful for her in my life the past two years.
I do Yoga with her twice a week.

This is my buddy Mark A. Miller.
We hang out together a couple times a month.

This picture was somewhere in either Arizona or
New Mexico. I spent much of the past twelve 
months traveling in a Chevy van I converted into a
mobile motel room. I traveled the southwest and 
made numerous trips wandering Florida.
My dog has traveled with me everywhere. She's now 17 years old.
I rescued her when she was a senior dog of 15.
Jill is a Cocker Spaniel. She's mostly blind and deaf and
never barks...unless I don't let her back inside quickly enough.
She's a finicky old bitch. :)

I was having great suffering due to physical manifestations
due to my severe PTSD. Dr Schuster said I should find a 
vehicle that doesn't ride so rough as my hippie travel van
was aggravating my physical symptoms.
So I traded my Chevy to CarMax for a luxury minivan.
Check out a tour of this van on my YouTube page at