Saturday, March 6, 2021

Relax and Have Fun

I crave a calm, low stress, peaceful life. Everyday I learn new ways not to do it. :) I have a beautiful condo remodeled into a little zen palace. Other than my dog Jill, I've been essentially secluded here...seems like forever. Jill is a sweet old lady I rescued. She doesn't bark but she can be a little stinky. I do want to relocate to a state with legal medical marijuana. I also love Yoga. (For Trump supporters...Yoga is not the name of a second dog.) Jill doesn't need Yoga, she can already lick her own butt. Seriously, I've seen it! So I don't let that bitch lick my nose. :) Trapped and bored silly during the quarantine I stumbled upon full time travel and van life videos on YouTube. Then began planning my escape. I bought a passenger van, removed the seats, and made myself a modern day hippie camper van. I'm now totally unencumbered and free, ready to wander and explore. I have no agenda except to see interesting places and maybe meet some interesting people. Someday I hope to find a travel companion whose better at Yoga than me.