Thursday, April 13, 2023

Integrity Matters

 My whole career I trusted the justice system. Truth always comes out eventually. Civil courts serve to resolve problems peacefully, in a nonviolent manner. 

The process is painfully slow when it’s necessary to hold evil people accountable for their lack of integrity.  But I strive to remain calm to keep the high ground.  It’s much easier to be calm now because I know I have indisputable evidence of the facts on my side.  

I’ll be glad when I can upgrade my retirement lifestyle to the level which I deserve. I have awesome Karma protecting me right now. Every financial sacrifice I’ve made since December 2019 is going to pay for itself in the end. I have awesome attorneys. The first day I met them, they told me step by step what was going to happen according to the law. Their assessment of the situation was spot on so far. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone after bad people. 

My soul searching right now is because I’d really like to see the primary perpetrator in my case go to jail, not just money. This was nasty shit by a heartless, greedy individual who pretended to be my close friend until he saw an opportunity and stabbed me in the back. Fortunately nobody is giving any credibility to his blame shifting excuses. The truth is known by everyone now. Karma is real. Peace.

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