Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Almost September


I wanted to file a police report and seek criminal charges but my attorney’s advise me to wait.  They say it’s in my best interest to wait. I have hired the best and I defer to their expertise. Thus my attorneys are in complete charge of my litigation. 

My plan is to let justice run its complete course. I’ve not been offered any compassion the past three years. Thus none will be offered in return. Someday I hope to observe some bad folks wearing orange jumpsuits. 

The clock is ticking and I think in their conscience they all know the jig is up. They should be feeling lots of guilt and fear about their future. 

It will be impossible for anyone to show ANY evidence they were entitled to change the board of directors of my company.  Proof doesn’t exist, and never did, because it never happened. 

Funny how criminals always claim, “it’s all about money” or "this is a money grab". 

For me this is about moral accountability and doing the right thing. This is about holding people to account for reprehensible and immoral behavior. In the mind of a criminal they always claim it’s all about money. That's because they're practicing criminal thinking and blame shifting. 

The harm inflicted upon me has been severe given my struggles the past five years. There’s no doubt whatsoever it was greed driven by the perpetrators of this  crime against me. I personally think the attorney in this case has as much “greed driven” culpability as the primary defendant.  After observing him in court I felt so much gratitude…. he’s a dumbass lol.

Karma is real. I’m trusting my attorneys and the courts to deal with this. The outcome will be whatever it is. I’m certain I’ll get a return on my investment to seek justice for how I’ve been exploited and hurt. Especially given what I observed in court. I’m thankful we have a great judge too. He seems very insightful and genuinely concerned to achieve justice.

I know you guys read my blog… have you been sleeping okay??? 

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