Saturday, March 6, 2021

Relax and Have Fun

I crave a calm, low stress, peaceful life. Everyday I learn new ways not to do it. :) 

I have a beautiful condo remodeled into a little zen palace. Other than my dog Jill, I've been essentially secluded here...seems like forever. Jill is a sweet old lady I rescued. She doesn't bark but she can be a little stinky. 

I also love Yoga. (For Trump supporters...Yoga is not the name of a second dog.) 

My dog Jill doesn't need Yoga, she can already lick her own butt. Seriously, I've seen it! So I don't let that bitch lick my nose. :) I've been doing Yoga twice a week for about a year now. I'm so fortunate to have this wonderful instructor. She's also a nurse and the class was started for veterans with PTSD. I feel like she's made me her project and frankly I'm so appreciative and grateful. I really believe I'm in a protective Karma bubble. The universe is placing the right people in my life at the right time for sure. I feel the same way about my therapist at the Veterans Center, my massage therapist, my private physician, as I do about my Yoga teacher. I'm so fortunate to have this team of healers helping me maximize my potential. Every one of these people connect with my spirit far beyond their professional roles. I'm so grateful for them.

As I was trapped and bored silly during the quarantine I stumbled upon full time travel and van life videos on YouTube. So I started planning my escape. I bought a passenger van, removed the seats, and made myself a modern day hippie camper van. I'm now totally unencumbered and free, ready to wander and explore. I have no agenda except to see interesting places and maybe meet some interesting people. 

I really wish I wasn't going alone. It doesn't feel as much like an adventure if it's not being shared.  I hope to someday find a travel companion. Someone who's better at Yoga than me. It would be awesome if she could suggest places to visit, places to eat, and really awesome if she picks good music to listen to. I don't mind doing the driving.

I am almost certainly going to move away from Indiana. I don't know where to yet. For now the plan is to travel and explore, always staying open to possibilities that present themselves to me in the present moment. Perhaps I'll travel full time and chase nice weather? I don't know yet. My initial plan is to also try to make some new friends. So I'm on dating sites. I figure I can make some new friends in different places. If there's not the right chemistry then perhaps we can become friends such that I could drop by to see them and hangout whenever I pass through their area. Naturally there's always the hope that ONE of the women I meet might eventually become more than just a friend and be my permanent life partner. My track record in relationships isn't very good. So my aim is to meet some awesome women who become awesome friends to share some company and a few laughs from time to time.

Update 3-16: Just to put it out to the universe, my dream would be to meet the perfect woman for me and fall in love. I have decided I am definitely relocating away from Indianapolis. I want my home base to be located in a state with legal medical marijuana. I am a person who must live in line with my convictions based upon the golden rule. I need to live in a place where my behavior is legal because I'm doing the right thing for my long term health and quality of life. I have no clue where that will be but as soon as I find it I will sell my condo and reinvest in my new location. I'm open to the direction in which the universe pulls me. Peace.


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