Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Devil is a Republican and Establishment Democrat

The reason we have Trump (and chaos) in my opinion is a direct consequence of years of professional career politicians selling out working class people. Establishment Democrat and Republican politicians are all for sale to the highest bidder. Neither deserve our support. Understanding this is the ONLY path I can see to justice and equality.

Trump is simply a salesman.  He get's it. He's for sale, or rather bought...imo. He's repping for Putin (CEO of Russia, Inc.) and Indiana pharmaceuticals (think about it...Pence, Mitch, Holcomb...).

This is about the Haves versus the Have Nots. Tons of smoke and mirrors based upon scientific research applied to social media triggering human sheep to respond with emotional reasoning rather than common sense and courtesy. The Haves are the elite one percent. The career politicians work for them, not you and me....period. They are establishment Democrats and Republicans.

Progressives on the left and Libertarians on the right are the good guys actually working to solve human problems instead of hoarding resources.

If you're a progressive, don't support establishment Democrats. To do so is to give the Haves what they want.

If you're a Conservative, then you're a Libertarian or you don't get it yet. Republicans are strictly representing money....period. I was a Republican before college. Since then I've been progressive. The past couple years Libertarians have opened my eyes to a lot though.

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