Friday, December 29, 2017

WTF is going on?

If you happen to be someone who has followed me and my're about to be in for a BIG surprise. This blog is headed for a whole new shift in direction. A couple things will become apparent very quickly. Things I write are likely to be extremely raw. When I say raw I mean authentic, genuine and real. Since I'm retired I don't need to worry about managing my reputation for my business and career. If you don't like, or disagree with what I think and write, that's okay. It doesn't matter in the least. I don't care if some narrow minded moron judge doesn't like my attitude.  They're a moron and I no longer need to patronize their ignorance in order to get client referrals. So now if I think you're making a moronic decision I'll just fucken say so....unless I don't care two shits,  So from now on I write what I think with much less filtering. My filtering now (other than my conscience) would be concerns not to hurt, humiliate, or embarrass loved ones. This can be challenge because I think my wife is a little concerned about what I'm going to say most times I open my mouth. Lol

The next point is profanity. Also known as "sentence enhancers" (thank you Sponge Bob and whatever client it was that pointed me to the video of that episode.  Plain and simple, the enhancers serve to strengthen the intensity of whatever persuasive point one is attempting to make. There's a big difference between being "pissed" and being "fucken pissed". I use sentence enhancers a lot. If that's an issue for you then fuck off. You don't need to read my blog and you're probably a fucken moron and won't get what I write about anyway.

Finally, there's no deeper meaning or agenda on this blog effective right now. I'm only writing about what is on my mind at the moment. If you think there's something more to it than's your shit creeping in and hasn't got shit to do with what I'm writing about.....probably.

UPDATE: Please note the above was written during a period of time when my PTSD was activated. I decided to leave it as is. Mostly I guess because I don't want to forget what I went through. I'm grateful to have survived.

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